Home Contact Gallery About BARBARA GRÖBER After graduating with a degree in Design at Pforzheim University, Barbara Gröber trained as a goldsmith in Hamburg. In 1989 she settled down in the Hegau region of South Germany, near the Lake Constance, where she set up her studio working as a freelance jewellery designer and goldsmith. The workshop, set in a charming country farmhouse with a scenic garden, has since evolved into a piece of art itself. The vibrant, creative interior complements the serenity of the scenic gardens and in this tranquil atmosphere, inspiration for the designs she applies to her craft springs and flourishes. The showroom and studio feeds off the stimulating environment in an ideal picturesque background for the exhibition of fine art. An idyllic garden provides room for further creative development which find expression in the design of felting, painting, sketching and mosaics. Upon request we will be pleased to offer you the opportunity to learn these skills here at the farmhouse, where your imagination can roam unbridled. Imprint News